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åSängen ekoby

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Familie Klerkx met zelfgemaakte Zweedse truien
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can be different

An eco-village where you can live a fun and valuable life and where you can spend time to connect with yourself, others and nature. 


We (a family of four, look at that crazy picture) bought a beautiful farm in the heart of Sweden. Farmland, forest, wild animals and a little creek. It's all there. It is the place where we are living that different live.


But... us living a different and abundant life is not everything. Our dream is to share the abundance and make deep connection with others. We not only want to live self-sufficient. We want to live co-sufficient.

Together with the local community and visitors we want to experience and explore a slow, sustainable and regenerative life.

So here we go...

We are opening up the place.

Let us invite you to Åsängen Ekoby!

Below you will find all the possibilities to be part of this exciting journey and growing community.

Feel free to reach out. We love to get in touch with you.

Suzanna & Ruben

Reza & Lodi



 "Just imagine yourself, being woken by a bird, a sheep or the rustle of the trees. The sun is rising and you start your day with a little hike to the lake. you make breakfast at the lovely outside kitchen  or take a shower with a view."

What to do?

Örebro, the heart of Sweden is the region where you can hike, cycle and experience nature. There are trails, roads and pathways to explore. Near our place you find a lovely lake where you can swim, fish or just relax and play with the kids. 


 "A big part of your stay is that you can be part of the daily farm life at Åsängen Ekoby "

We are so happy to announce that you can experience the heart of Sweden right from our Åsängen campsite!


From now you can book a stay for the SOW season, SUMMER season or HARVEST season in 2023 in a nice and cosy tent and discover all this beautiful place has to offer! 


You can stay as a couple, with your family or with a group; just book all 5 tents if you want to have an outdoor week with friends or organise a yoga retrait, no problem!)*

We have 4 luxury bell tents with a central outdoor place where you can cook, play, make a fire and connect with other guests!

You can also bring your own tent or camper to become part of the short stay community! Just pick a nice spot and stay over for a few nights.

What do we offer?

You can book a large bell tent (38m2) with 4 beds (2 adults and 2 kids)** and a wood stove to keep you warm during the colder nights and days. We provide an outside kitchen to enjoy the real outside living or you can book farmfood diners together with the other guests.

We have a swimmingpool, sportsfield, waterplayground (growing)!, a nearby lake and endless forests.

You can book a couples bell tent (25m2)with a lovely double bed. In this tent you can stay with 2 adults and 1 child!

During your stay all evening dinners are included. We cook vegan/vegetarian and as much as possible locally produced or from the vegetable garden!! Also there will be a lot of activities during the week: hiking, evening games, campfires, animal cuddles, craft workshops, yoga mornings etc, etc.


Or just make your own plans, maybe even better: have no plans at all.


Book now from the beginning of may till the end of august.

Just mail us for more info! (

*we have 3 large bell tents (4/5 persons) and 2 smaller bell tents (2/3 persons)

**it is possible to come with 3 kids when you book the large bell tent. Ask for the possibilities!

Food forest
Plant a tree for future generations

Loving nature means caring for her, living with her and give back more than we take. Thats why we are planting trees, shrubs, herbs and flowers to take care of the soil we are borrowing. 

We believe that we need to take care of the earth, take care of the people and share the abundance, also knowns as the three foundations of permaculture design.

We look at natural ways to build a healthy soil where we can harvest from and live more self-sufficient. 

We plant a lot of native plants and trees, attract insects and bees while biodiversity grows over the years.

This is not something that's done in a few years, it takes at least ten years before you can see a little difference. In the mean time we learn, we practice, we fail, we try again and we celebrate the successes with each other!

The food forest will grow along side an annual garden and the animals are part of rotational grazing, maintaining and regenerating the landscape and soil. 


Exploring the area will feel like an adventure with lots to discover and you will find space to connect to nature and find some peace. All seasons have their own interesting landscapes and activities.

We are not doing this alone, you can join and plant a tree in the growing forest!

Just contact us and learn how you can do this :)

Already 30 people decided to plant a tree, its growing fast!


Already 30 people decided to plant a tree,

its growing fast!

Troffel en Bodem

We are building a big multifunctional greenhouse! In this greenhouse we can grow food, give craft workshops with wool, clay or wood, host dinners to guests, come together for stories, learn new stuff. Endless possibilities!

Buiten zitten

In the future we are opening a Gårdscafé, (farmcafé) you can sit and relax while enjoying local vegetarian food. The kids can play in the natural water playground!

Zaailingen in potten

In the meantime, we put up a (very)large stretch tent during the summer of 2023 with an outside kitchen. This will be the gathering space, next to a lovely fire place for the chilly evenings!


creating an ekoby 

Why is this place called Åsängen Ekoby?

We are building a strong community where people can stay for short, but also for longer periods. Are you interested in a longer stay and being part of our family? Contact us!

We are also open for families, couples or adventurers who are considering moving to Sweden. At our Ekoby you can taste what living on the Swedish countryside feels like. You can stay with us (at least one week), build with us and ask us everything you want to know.

It takes a village to raise a child

Thats something that's proven over and over again. Then why do we get the feeling that we are more and more living isolated and disconnected from each other, from nature and even from ourselves?

That is what we are changing here at Åsängen Ekoby. Your are more than welcome to "hop by", see what we are working on and how you can join.

One thing we've already learned, there is always time for fika!

Do you want to know more about the history of this place? Read it here!

Our plans

Living, Sharing, connecting


Renovating the guesthouse

In order to receive guests and volunteers we need a nice place where you also can stay during the winter. We are working hard to finish this as soon as possible. There is no water there, no kitchen and no bathroom...


plan to

We want to give back to the land and replenish the soil we're living on. Therefore we want to plant a food forest and grow our own food as much as possible. We are also making adjustment to live a self-sufficient life and we're exploring different sustainable solutions.


build a vivid community

We rather speak about

us- or co- sufficiency. We are not alone in this journey. We are opening up our place. We share the food, shelter and ideas that are growing on our homestead with the local community and people who want to stay with us

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