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Familie Klerkx met zelfgemaakte Zweedse truien

An eco-community where fun and value come together and where you can spend time to connect with yourself, others and nature. 


We, a family of 4 (look at that crazy picture) bought a beautiful farm in the heart of Sweden in the summer of 2022. Farmland, forest, wild animals and a little creek. It's all there. It is the place where we are living that different live.


But... us living a different and abundant life is not everything. Our dream is to share the abundance and make deep connection with others. We not only want to live self-sufficient. We want to live co-sufficient.

Together with the local community and visitors we want to experience and explore a slow, sustainable and regenerative life.

So here we go...

We are opening up the place.

Let us invite you to Åsängen Ekoby!

Below you will find all the possibilities to be part of this exciting journey and growing community.

Feel free to reach out. We love to get in touch with you.

Suzanna & Ruben

Reza & Lodi

center view Åsängen Ekoby_edited.jpg

visit us

Come to Åsängen Ekoby to relax or to help out on the permaculture homestead. We have 2 fully furnished Bell tents and a cosy guesthouse.

food forest

We're building a foodforest with a large vegetable garden which we use to feed our community of guests, helpers and neighbours.

grow out of the box


Åsängen Ekoby is a starting eco-community where you can experience farmlife. Our goal is to learn and teach about sustainable living and promote biodiversity. We are following regenerative and permaculture principles. 

You are more than welcome to visit us. For helping at the farm or for a retreat or holiday. Check out our different accommodations. 

 "An essential part of your stay is that you can be part of the daily farm life at Åsängen Ekoby "


Guesthouse Andersson

Fully furnished 4-person stuga with marvellous view over the homestead. Including kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet, loft with kingsize bed, sitting corner, sleeping sofa and comfy firestove.

Couples Bell tent

Treat each other to a romantic getaway. This lovely, spacious Bell tent is furnished with kingsize hotelbed, kitchenette and firestove. Outside you can sit on the large deck and enjoy the sunset

Family Bell tent

Glamping with the whole family? In the middle of our Food forest you can stay in this large Bell tent. With 4 hotelbeds, kitchenette, sitting area with firestove and large sundeck 

Family Bell Tent-19
center view Åsängen Ekoby


Loving nature means caring for her, living with her and give back more than we take. That's why we are planting trees, shrubs, herbs and flowers to take care of the soil we are borrowing. 

We believe that we need to take care of the earth, take care of the people and share the abundance, also known as the three foundations of permaculture design.

We look at natural ways to build a healthy soil where we can harvest from and live more us-sufficient. 

We plant a lot of native plants and trees, attract insects and bees while biodiversity grows over the years.


Already 40 people donated a tree, the food forest is growing fast!


Building a food forest is not something that's done in a few years, it takes at least ten years before you can see bigger change. In the meantime we learn, we practice, we fail, we try again and we celebrate the successes with each other!

The food forest will grow along side an annual garden and our animals are part of rotational grazing, maintaining and regenerating the landscape and soil. 


Exploring the area will feel like an adventure with a lot to discover. You will find space to connect to nature and find some peace. All seasons have their own interesting landscapes and activities.

We are not doing this alone, you can join and donate a tree for the growing forest!

Just contact us and learn how you can do this :)


How to be part of this adventure:


For starters: follow us on instagram and share your knowledge and ideas with us. We update you daily and we share all of our learnings and struggles.


Now that we have found our place to settle, you can visit us and live with us for a while. Become part of our family. You can stay a few days, weeks or even several months. Grow and eat your own food. Take care of nature and living beings (humans and animals). 


If you want to support this growing family, you can help us on different projects:



protecting the food forest and vegetable garden from wild animals

fence making.jpg

needed: 300m fence with poles (€ 1200,-)

status: 200m fence placed, re-used/locally sourced 50 poles & € 150,- donated by 1 donor


Chicken Compost Coop

shelter for the future chickens which will do the composting process


needed: building material and fence for shelter and penn (€ 1600,-)

status: almost done. Only the rain harvesting system needs to be installed, no donations yet


Food Forest part I

creating the middle layer with 50 fruit trees


needed: 50 trees, material to support them fence with poles (€ 5000,-)

status: 29 trees planted,  € 3000,- donated by 15 donors



follow and share our journey

  • Instagram - White Circle
  • YouTube - White Circle

Visit us at:

Koverboda Åsängen 300

711 92 Vedevåg, Sweden 🇸🇪

stay updated about our journey (occasional and very personal)

Great to have you around, see you soon!

Ruben, Suzanna, Reza & Lodi 🥰

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